Apitherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Claudette Raynal
Traditional Chinese Medicine
(Institute of TCM in France; University of TCM in Shanghai and Apitherapy)
(Regional delegate of Francophone d’Api-phytothérapie Association
Vice-president of BEE API Association)

Teacher and speaker about links between Chinese Medicine and Apitherapy
Translator of the internet course on Apitherapy by Dr. Stefan Stangaciu

Co-author with Dr Stefan Stangaciu, of book “En Bonne Santé avec les Abeilles, le traitement des pathologies avec les produits de la ruche, les plantes et la médecine traditionnelle chinoise » (juillet 2015, Guy Trédaniel Ed.)


Author of the book « Guérir avec les Abeilles, Apithérapie et Médecine Chinoise» (1995, 3° édition, Guy Trédaniel Ed.), of CD’s « Healing with Bees » and “Curacion con Abejas”


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Introduction of our book "In Good Health with bees" (extract)

Apitherapy has been practiced since the beginning of humanity under simple and natural empiric forms. Before our area the complex, modern use of the beehive products, was improved year after year. Our ancestors, for example, could not use the air in the beehive as is done today. They did not have the tools to practice the micro-apipuncture. Some methods were not practiced such as iontophoresis, electrophorese, the injections as we do today.

The use of honey and propolis, particularly, are very old-world, but for the last fifty years, new techniques were introduced, updated, to maximize the effectiveness of all bee products.

We can paraphrase Pline the Ancient «Ubi Apis Ibi Salus»: «Where there are Bees, there is Health» in saying: «Where there are Bees, there is Apitherapy»!
In fact, for most of the apiculturists in the world, know the nutritional, vitalizing, therapeutic and cosmetic virtues of beehive products. Among them, very passionate for apitherapy, develop numerous associations with doctors and therapists of their region.

In the last twenty years, scientific research on beehive products has exponentially risen. Scientists, doctors, practitioners, who have worked isolated now gather in associations or societies that they have created. Many of these groups organize throughout the whole world, trainings, lectures, congresses for all who are interested by bees and their virtues.

Apitherapy linked to traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a powerful healing strength, as you will discover in our book. To make the link between these two therapies is a most interesting project which is one of the main goals of our work.
These two methods of treatment have passed the difficult test of time and space. Together they provide very good and sometimes spectacular results.
At the beginning, apitherapy and TCM may seem complex and difficult to understand. But, if you invest some time to learn these therapies, you will notice that the basic principles are extremely simple. The TCM has wonderful keys and tools to also open and enlighten the «mysteries» of apitherapy.

Our work is not perfect. We did our best. We would be grateful to get your comments so as to improve future prints.

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