Apitherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine

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(Extract from our book "In Good Health with Bees" on page 38 and following)


Why do this massage ?

To detoxify your body : The sebaceous glands that cover our body surface contain toxins. The honey dissolves the fats and eliminates it.
To boost our vitality : all the nutrients of honey enter our body throught the skin .
Harmonize our organs: This massage can be do on all the body. But the back of the body is a great place to tone it because a great acupuncture meridian circulates on it: the bladder meridian. Each acupuncture point on it corresponds to an organ: lung, heart, liver, gall bladder, large and small intestine and so on. Furthermore this honey massage brings you joy, serenity and well-being. What mervellous programm !


Both chains of the meridian of the bladder on each side of the backbone:
see the lines of black acupuncture points and the lines of red acupuncture points

How to do it ?

1) Apply honey (one or two tea spoon) on the whole back of the body. Choose the honey you prefer.
2) With the fingers tap on the back of the body, gently, on each side of the backbone. The honey penetrates the skin, the superficiel muscles are relaxed, step by step.
3) Then exercise a balance movement with your fingers, always very smoothly, starting with the upper back.



The honey penetrates deep into your tissues and nourishes them. The skin reddens because the blood vessels dilate.


Continue the massage during about 10 to 15 minutes.
The sebum starts to come out of the sebaceous glands, a white deposit appears.
This greasy deposit can be white, grey or yellowish; it contains toxins.
You can continue the massage during 5 minutes again


    4) Now the massage is finished. Clean the skin with a damp, warm towel. Cover the person. He rests lying for a while.


    Further explanations in the book “En Bonne Santé avec les Abeilles, p.38



    Here's a memory-aid easy to read quickly than you can prominently display in your kitchen!


    Commercial forms:
    Flower honeys, honeydew, honeycomb, in pots, tubes, in mixtures with other hive products / plants / volatile oils, suppositories, therapeutic and cosmetic creams, shampoos…
    Throughout the year instead of industrial sugar.
    Keep away from the light, the pot must be securely closed after use.
    If crystallization, keep the pot in water at 35 °, the honey regains its homogeneity.
    You can mix honey with few drops of volatile oil according to your needs (consult a pharmacist / aromatherapist / herbalist). Warning! Do not take more than 3 drops / day of volatile oil. It must be non-toxic.
    An intolerance / allergy to honey is possible but rare.
    Daily dose:
    Adults: 1-2 tbsp about or more!
    Children: ¼ or ½ dose. 
    Do not give honey to babies less than 12 months (possibility of the presence of botulinum toxin).
    Benign superficial wound:
    Disinfect and then, apply a layer of honey widely, protect it with a bandage. Change it once or twice / day. When healing progressing, in alternating honey and propolis tincture.

    Pollen and bee bread:
    Commercial forms:
    Fresh pollen , fresh frozen pollen, dried pollen, bee bread fresh or dried, pollen and / or bee bread mixed with other bee products / plants / volatile oil, suppositories, tablets, capsules, therapeutic and cosmetic creams ...
    Throughout the year (especially if the liver and gallbladder are low ...) or during three weeks in the spring and autumn.
    Take the fresh pollen  (hold in your mouth a few minutes before swallowing it) or, if it is dry, mixed  in a liquid, juice, fresh fruits, compotes, yogurt, vegetables, soups, for 20 minutes ... The best time of day is the morning during breakfast.
    Take bee bread at will but especially whenever a physical or intellectual effort is required (pupils, students, sportsmen ...).
    During the first take, verify a possible intolerance / allergy to pollen by placing a few grains in the mouth, let it dissolve slowly.
    Daily dose:
    The first time: very small amounts of pollen and increase gradually.
    Adults: 1or 2 teaspoons for women, 1or 2 tbsp for men. This dose may be increased according to age, health status, diseases ... 50gr of pollen provides the same amount of protein than 100gr of meat or fish.
    Children according to age: ¼ or ½ dose. Generally, children regulates themselves their consumption, respect their pace.
    Bee bread is given to children before they leave for school and sportsmen before and during sport.

    Commercial forms:

    Raw, tablets, capsules, tincture (hydro-alcoholic solution containing 20 to 30% propolis in alcohol) aqueous solution, oily solution, throat spray, nasal drops, therapeutic and cosmetic creams, suppositories, diffuser apparatus ...
    You can make prevention for the winter diseases with a cure in autumn and winter.
    Take propolis if inflammation or infection of your skin, respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, genital apparatus.
    During the first take, verify a possible intolerance / allergy to propolis by placing a few drops of tincture of propolis on the elbow or on the earlobe. Manifestations of Intolerance / allergy are local redness, itching and rash of small buttons comparable to urticaria.
    Daily dose in prevention:
    Taken during the first time with small quantities of propolis and gradually increase.
    Adults: 5 to 20 drops of tincture of propolis mixed with honey or placed on a small piece of bread or 3 gr of raw propolis (size of a pea)  placed at the back of the mouth (against a tooth) for several hours, then chew it with almond, walnut or hazelnut before to swallow.
    Children according to age: ¼  or ½ dose . Place the propolis tincture on a biscuit and let the alcohol evaporate during ¼ hour before giving it to the child.
    Daily dose in patients with acute affection:
    Adults: 1 drop of tincture of propolis / kg / day; example, for a 60-kg adult => 60GT  into 3 or 4 doses during the day.
    Children: according to age: ¼ or ½ dose.
    Superficial wounds:
    Disinfect and  applied tincture of propolis widely, protect it with a bandage. Change it once or twice / day. See also paragraph "honey/benign superficial wound".

    Bee venom cream
    Commercial forms:
    Fresh (keep in refrigerator, limited conservation), ampoules.
    Prevention winter diseases to cure in the autumn and winter. Renew if necessary in the spring. Seniors can take royal jelly every day. Use royal jelly if infection: respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, urogenital tract.
    Royal jelly is highly astringent: Do not use in case of bronchial asthma
    Creams containing a small amount of bee venom for therapeutic purposes, cosmetic creams (see retail sites on the Internet)
    Daily dose:
    Prevention as cures or daily 300 to 500 mg of fresh royal jelly ( 1 spoon / dose). In case of infection or great fatigue: double or triple dose throughout the duration of the disease.
    Children: according to age: ¼ or ½ dose.
    Painful areas of the body: inflammation (tendonitis, sciatica, stiff neck, rheumatism ...), pain due to overexertion, bruises.
    Daily dose
    Apply the cream 1-2 times a day (follow manufacturer's instructions).


    “Oh Dear, you sweeten your tea with ..”
    “Honey, Dear, of course, is exquisite”

    And with coffee, too!
    Cartoons are the work of French designer O'Galop (1867/1946) for the newsletter of the Société Centrale d'Apiculture (Paris), created in 1856.



    «Good health is a global state which depends on one’s being
    in harmony with one’s natural,
    social and spiritual environment »
    Edgar Pacheco, Guérisseur Kallawayas


    Beehive products can help us to protect ourselves from infections and to fight against them.




    There are two aspects to be considered: health prevention and fight against perverse factors.

    Among these, having a healthy well-adapted diet, breathing in a good quality air, maintaining correct life hygiene; harmonious and loving social relationships and youthfulness of mind, reinforce our acquired Jing and preserve our inborn Jing which all of us have inherited.

    This healthy life will be source for our chidren and grandchildren to have a powerful Yuan Qi. The Chinese estimate that everyone is responsible for one’s descendants up to the seventh generation. Number 7 is symbolic, but it reminds us of a responsibility that, I think, we are not always aware of.

    The marvellous beehive products help us with this prevention.

    The royal jelly:

    • Stimulate the basic metabolism (proteins of very high quality)
    • Tone up the reproductive organ and the sexual functions (by the hormones which it contains).
    • It is regulating of the immunity (wealth in enzymes, amino acids, flavonoïdes).
    • Supports the cardiovascular system and the blood (white blood cells, red, blood platelets)
    • Regulates the production of adrenalin (action on theadrenal glands)

    The propolis

    • Supports the respiratory system; (it is thus useful for all those who use their voice: singers, comedians, teachers, salesmen!)
    • Regenerate tissues and cells by favoring cellular metabolism (action on cellular membranes, in particular)
    • Strengthen the immune system (effect of flavonoïdes on granulocytes and lymphocytes T); it inhibits the bacterial growth and its flavonoïdes has an antiviral action.
    • Action favorable to the cardiovascular system (regulate the bloodpressure, and cholesterol)


    Royal jelly and propolis will strengthen our defense energy Wei by favouring the production of lymphocytes B and T, warming up tissues, stimulating the lungs, skin and mucous membranes; they will oppose penetration and development of germs.

    The honey:

    • Very energizing and defender against the cold (the glucose and the fructose which it contains are very quickly available in the blood)
    • Facilitates osseous growth (by the wealth in minerals: calcium and magnesium)
    • Strengthen natural defences (it contains factors germicides factors : inhibines)
    • Facilitates digestion and absorption of nutriments (by stimulating the gastric juice and the pancreatic juice)
    • Regulates the functioning of the cardiovascular system (role of the acétylcholine on the muscular fibres) and supports the qualitative production of the blood (by the presence of the iron and the cobalt: red cells)
    • Protect the respiratory system (Feng Mi, the honey, is very present for it, in the Chinese pharmacopoeia)
    • Supports the regeneration of the skin

    The pollen and the bee bread:

    • Tone up plastic and psychic vitality (very big wealth in proteins, minerals, vitamins)
    • Tone up sexual functions ( vegetable hormones)
    • Supports the cardiovascular system (role of the rutine) and the blood (production of red cells by, in particular, the lysine and the histidine)
    • Favor the functions of the digestive system (by the méthionine and the leucine, in particular)
    • Protect mucous membranes intestinal (by substances antibiotics substances which it contains, active against some germs of the intestinal flora)
    • Strengthen immunizing system (by its caroténoïdes, the excellent proteins)

    To see more on this subject, the very complete book of Patrice Percie du Sert " Ces pollens qui nous soignent ", last edition 2010, Ed Guy Trédaniel.



    Honey, pollen and bee bread will support our Ying energy by making nutrition of tissues easier, the production of Qi, blood red cells and organic fluids.


    The last two products associated with royal jelly will tone up our vital energy.

    Making our own apitherapy cocktail by mixing all the bee products



      • Honey: 200gr.
      • Pollen: 50 gr.
      • Tincture of Propolis: 5 gr.
      • Royal jelly: 10 gr.

    Take a teaspoon of the mixture every morning. Keep the jar in the refrigerator

      «Take care of your boddy If you want your soul to feel like living in it » Chinese proverb


    « Your children are not yours;
    They are the sons and daughters of the wish for Life.
    They come into being by you but not of you.
    And though being with you, they do not belong to you. ..
    Khalil Gibran, « The Prophet » Albin Michel

    Thanks to Marie-France for her drawing


    Each child comes into being genetically out of his two parents and their ancestors.
    According to the Chinese law of the Five Elements (see page "Home"), each one of us and thus each child, possesses their energetic characteristics but often one or several are predominant.

    With indications below, try to recognize the children around you, and identify the products of the hive which are advised them?

    The Wood constitution (liver/gall bladder)
    An emotional child, curious, impatient, turbulent, sometimes aggressive, nervous, irascible (especially in spring). He is passionate, optimistic and sometimes not persevering. He does not hold grudges.

    He may be a dreamer, shy and anxious biting his nails.
    He can stand the wind difficultly (stiff neck) and is often tired in spring.
    Short-sightedness; allergies: urticaria, conjunctivitis, asthma, hey fever are possible.
    He falls asleep badly and often late in the evening.
    He generally is rather thin.
    He eats quickly without paying attention to what he eats as he is eager to leave the table.
    As a baby, he is subject to regurgitations; alimentary intolerances may appear early in his youth, bad breath (acetone crisis), digestive discomfort especially when stressed.


    Royal Jelly, pollen or bee bread and propolis would harmonize his vital energy and would support his liver.

    The Fire constitution (heart/small intestine)
    A joyful, sociable child, laughing easily (roars of laughter), sensitive, emotional, impulsive, susceptible, passionate, creative. He likes parties, has a lot of energy which seems never ending.
    He fears reproaches and may have problems with authority. Under these circumstances he cries easily sobbing.
    He generally proves to have a good memory and intuition.
    He may develop high fever, convulsions and even crisis of epilepsy.
    He likes summer but he is more likely Yin badly standing very high temperatures.
    He is generally a thin child, robust in good health having a tanned complexion.
    He eats a lot but his appetite is irregular.

    Pollen or bee bread would balance his liver as well as the activity of the heart and blood vessels.

    The Earth constitution (spleen, pancreas/stomach)
    This child is joyful, cheerful, careless, sociable, tolerant, little persevering, he shows initiative, a lot of common sense and he is of a rather balanced mood. He likes to play with other children and organizes the activities.
    Nevertheless, he may worry or brood if his life conditions are not favorable.
    He sleeps well and enjoys it.
    He is a roundish, big baby and keeps being so all during his early childhood. Often, certain obesity appears before puberty which would disappear with adolescence.
    He is generally in good health, easy to bring up.
    He likes to eat and cook. Watch out as he is attracted by sweets (decayed teeth, overweight). His food exceeding may generate digestive difficulties: vomiting, bloating, diarrhea…

    Varied and balanced diet (avoids cold, sweet food, replace sugar with honey, limit the dairy products). All the products of the hive.

    The Metal constitution (lungs/large intestine)
    A calm child, rather phlegmatic, of balanced mood, wise, reasonable, conscientious, taking all needed time, introvert; sometimes melancholical even sad especially in autumn; easily bad- tempered; often solitary. He enjoys reading, going to school and learning.
    He easily goes to sleep or have a nap enjoying having a regular life.
    He is subject to recurrent rhino-pharyngitis, bronchitis, tracheitis, laryngitis and sinusitis. Often the ablation of vegetations is necessary. Dermatitis, eczema and asthma become worse in autumn. He has frequent stomach aches and constipation.
    He likes autumn and its melancholical softness but being Yin dominated he may feel tired and sad in this season.
    He is generally a tall, thin child, pale-faced and having nice hair.
    He does not eat much during the meals and shows a tendency of nibbling in between to compensate for the energy decreases. He loves dairy products (excess is to be avoided).

    Propolis to sustain the digestive and respiratory systems; honey and pollen or bee bread to balance and complete his alimentation.

    The Water constitution (Kidneys/urinary bladder)
    Self disciplined he cannot easily stand the discipline imposed by those close to him, which may lead him to revolt (he may show this revolt or may interiorize it).
    He enjoys studying and is sometimes voluntary and tenacious, often tensed, anxious and he may prove to be stubborn or intolerant.
    He hides his emotions and those close to him should be very attentive to notice what bothers or worries him. He is particularly sensitive to childhood fears (fear of dark, fear of wolf …)
    He is a child of solid constitution (if the in born vital energy is strong) or on the contrary, of frail, scary constitution, with rings under the eyes, chronically tired with risk of vertebral blockages. He may be sensitive to infections, recurrent anginas, impetigo or acne, urinary infections, enuresis and morning diarrheas.
    He fears heat and appreciates the dry coldness of winter time, but if Yin dominated would he stands badly winter's humid coldness.
    He is of capricious, irregular appetite.

    Royal Jelly to favor his bone growth and with propolis to tone up his vital energy if needed and to reinforce his immunity; pollen, bee bread and honey to complete his alimentation.

    Finally, for all children:

    A cure of royal jelly, especially at seasons changing, or after an illness having weakened the child. It stimulates their development, promotes their bone growth, the development and balance of their nervous system and reinforces their immunity .
    Dosage according to age: 200 à 300 mg of fresh royal jelly be it 1/3 or 1/2 of the dose for adults. Mixed with honey would make the take easier. Not to be taken in the evening.

    Bee bread or pollen in the morning at breakfast; to favor the bones and muscles development, the nervous system, blood circulation and the quantity of blood, to reinforce the immune system. They favor the intellectual and sportive effort, support the memory and help with concentration.
    Dosage: Make a pollen water by adding ¼ of a coffee spoon of pollen according to age in a ¼ liter of honey sweeten water or to a fruit juice. Wait for a quarter of an hour before drinking.
    When the child reached the age of cracking the food without any risk of choking, give him some grains of bee bread before he leaves for the kindergarten or school or before practicing a sport.

    Honey on toasts for snacks, to sweeten the compotes, yoghurts, etc. Honey of easy and quick digestion is source of energy immediately available.

    Propolis in case of bacterial or viral infection: propolis destroys the bacteria or avoids the replication of the virus, reinforces immunity. If the symptoms persist or aggravate the physician should be consulted.
    Dosage according to age : 1/3 to ½ of a dose for adults, as powder mixed with food or with honey, suppositories or syrup.

    Honey and/or propolis for little wounds: scratches, superficial burns, little cuts. After having cleaned the wound (Marseille or Alep soap), apply a thick layer of honey, cover with several layers of gauze and keep tight with a dressing/plaster. Change the dressing/plaster every day. When the wound starts healing or it is superficial, apply a cream or an oily solution of propolis. Honey and propolis have a disinfectant, healing power, calming down the pain.

    Fen Zang : « Children have no care », 1998

    « Children have a privilege: they are not asked to justify their existence.
    A child is not asked about what he does as a living.
    It is well known: he plays, he cries, he laughs.
    He is alive and that is a good enough reason for living … »

    Christan Bobin, « La merveille et l’obscur » Ed Paroles d’Aube, 1992


    « The alternance Yin/Yang of the seasons is the basis of the creation.
    That is why the alternance of the seasons is the alpha and the omega of things,
    the axis of life and death.
    If their ways are followed, no serious disease can appear»
    Su Wen, chapter 1.


    The Yang, at its maximum during the summer solstice, decreases progressively, nights become longer, parallelly to the increase of Yin.
    Since the 6th of august autumn appears first discreetly, then more significantly: the leaves turn yellow, it is harvesting and transformation period. Have we not all noticed that the storms about the 15th of august state the end of summer? The decrease of Yang energy, the growth of Yin energy, both get balanced at the autumn equinox on the 21st of September. 

    The Lung is the organ whose energy (the Qi) is at its maximum in autumn.  

    The Lungs lead the respiratory Qi through out the entire organism to nourish all the tissues from the very beginning of the day. (about 5 o’clock in the morning). If the Qi of the lungs is insufficient, respiratory, ORL, skin and mucous membrane problems, sadness and melancholy, asthenia, might appear. Some persons realize the occurrence of these problems every autumn.  

     The Lungs energy diffuses the organic liquids in the whole body, the muscles, the skin and the mucous membranes. While this diffusion is badly done, the skin is dry, the nose is blocked, there is sneezing … 
                                                                                                                                                                                         The Lung is « the mother» of Kidneys (see table at the « Home » page). If the energy of Lungs is powerful, the vital energy, whose place is in the Kidneys, will be well fed and prepared for winter.

    The Lungs shelter our « life instinct », from « the very first shout » at our birth to our « last breath ».
    The excess of sadness, pain, worries, anxiety, block and weaken the energy of Lungs. Breathing becomes superficial, of poor quality, and disorders of the respiratory apparatus, skin or mucous membranes may appear.
    Letting free one’s emotions allows, sometimes, their total solving.
    On the contrary, an insufficient respiratory Qi provokes the autumn depressive states, well known facts of sadness and melancholy. 

    The energy of the lungs (Yin) is connected to that of the Large Intestine (Yang). Both contribute particularly to the quality of our immunity.

     Propolis is the hive product which sustains the energy of lungs. 

    • Here are some acupuncture points to massage in autumn et during winter :

    P7( Lieque), P9 (Taiyuan), sustain the energy of the lungs. To be massaged with propolis (as oily solution or cream)

    E36 (Suzanli) increases immunity. To be massaged with a cream containing bee venom or to heat with moxa (armoise « cigar » alight; it can be bought in the shops specialised in acupuncture materials)

    Apply your thumb on these points and turn on the spot clockwise (toning up), for a minute each. Restart all days during the season. 



    • Sustaining the organism in case of autumn or winter affections (if the symptoms persist you should consult your personal doctor):

    Local treatment:
    (Making the choice of one of the several propositions in function of the intensity of symptoms. Restart several times per day).

    - Nasal Spray with propolis,
    - Inhalation with, in boiling water, : a soup spoonful of honey ( e.g. forest, fir tree, lavender, eucalyptus) + 5 to 10 drops of hydro alcoholic solution of propolis at 25 or 30%, + 1 to 3 drops of essential oils of Ravensara or of Thymus Vulgaris or Eucalyptus Radiata

    - Spray Alcohol free spray with propolis
    - Mixture done with a little honey + some drops of an aqueous solution of propolis.

    - Mouth spray with propolis
    - Raw propolis to chew
    - Gums, pills, bonbons with propolis,
    - Syrup with propolis
    - Hydro alcoholic extract of propolis : some drops on a little honey or on bread
    - Inhalation (see above)
    - Honey + lemon juice

    - Dry : fir tree’s, mountain’s, lavender’s honey…+ propolis and pear compote with ginger (Traditional Chinese remedy !! and rightfully, pears ripe in autumn !!)
    - Thick : propolis under all forms.

    Chaps, Cracks:

    Aches awaken by coldness and humidity:
    Heat the painful areas: cream with bee venom, hot-water bottle, and moxas.

    To the local treatment add an internal treatment:
    Honey or Arohoney (honey to which are added some 2 to 3 drops/day of essential oils among those mentioned above. Reserved to adults). To have 3 or 4 times a day,
    +Propolis : capsules or tablets or suppositories, according to the posology indicated on the package,
    + Royal jelly (600mg. to 1gr/jour). 

    Reinforcing the immunity to avoid and treat the winter infections (flu, cold, bronchitis, etc.) and regenerating after:
    - Royal jelly cure (500mg/day) for a month starting at the beginning of the month of September.
    - In case of predisposition to winter maladies, renew the cure in November /December and January February.

    What product to choose? :
    Are you perplex in front of the hive products stand?!
    - You should prefer the products labelled Organic product
    - Compare the compositions
    - Watch out for the dates of expiration and choose those whose date is the latest. 


    A cycle ends, nature is at rest
    and in the depths of the soil another one prepares.
    In the first days of February Yang will again make quiver the branches
    and make sing the birds.
    It is the time of insights, of introspection, in view of a to-come.

    « He who welcomes, gets richer
    He who excludes gets poorer

    He who looks up, looks up at himself
    He who looks down, looks down at himself

    He who forgets unties himself
    He who remembers succeeds

    He who lives perishes of death
    He who lives survives

    François Cheng
    « East All» Gallimard




    According to Chinese traditions, the rise of Yang, which announces the arrival of spring, is done every year about the 6th February. It comes out of Yin on which winter is based. At the moment of the spring equinox, the 22nd of March, the Yin and the Yang are balanced.

    The Liver is the organ whose energetic activity is at maximum in this season.
    It helps energy (the Qi) to freely circulate through the entire body.

    While Qi circulates correctly,
    our energy is mobile, we have « the drive »,
    and digestion is good:
    the bile, necessary to digestion, flows well.

    If the Qi stagnates: aches may appear (articular, muscular, pains of hypochondrias, head aches), the eyes become wet and there is a greater sensitivity to wind....

    The free circulation of Qi is influenced by our emotional state:

    Irritability, anger, frustration slow down the circulation of energy. Spring depression, tiredness, sensation of knot in the throat, distension of breasts and premenstrual pains with women may manifest then (the meridian of the Liver surrounds the genital organs both with women and men).

    The Qi of the liver blocked, it generates emotional tensions and the other way round, emotional tensions block the energy of the liver.

    In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Liver has numerous important functions:
    It stocks the blood, it makes it circulate and regulates it through the entire body; self regulation is favoured by physical activity.
    It nourishes and humidifies all the tissues: muscles and especially the eyes. It assures thus a better protection against infections.
    It manages the tendons and the muscles: consequently if the energy of the liver is not at the « top » this may provoke: cramps, contractions and even tendon tear, tetanus...

    The Liver filters the toxics out of the body: the portal vein drains all the rejects and, after a passage by the kidneys, it throws the waste, the strange substances, the medicines to the liver whose role is to eliminate by the bile.
    In case of excess, the liver does not succeed in doing this job and there is need to be helped.

    • Some acupuncture points to be massaged in spring with propolis (oily solution with propolis or cream with propolis):
    Liver 3
    (Trae Tchong) and Liver 2 (Sing Tsienn)
    Gall bladder 40 (Tsiou siu)
    Apply your thumb on these points and turn on the spot in the apposite clockwise direction (dispersion).


    • Cleaning the Liver with Propolis to detoxicate it

         Propolis "controls" the liver according to the Chinese law of the 5 elements.
    It acts on the blood and the cardio-vascular system: high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia...
    It acts on infections: bacteria, virus, and fungi.
    It diminishes the desire to drink alcohol and to smoke.
    It has a direct action on liver detoxication.

    How to use it:
      Propolis water:

    - prepare a glass of water, add 60 to 70 drops of hydro-alcoholic propolis solution at 30% or 30 to 35 drops of base tincture.
    - stir: wax deposits on the sides.
    - pour everything into one liter water. To be drunk during the day. Propolised water may be mixed with birch sap.
    Renew the operation for a month.
    Accompany this cure with light eating, essentially season vegetables.

    • Tonifying the Liver with pollen:


    Pollen regulates the metabolism of the liver.
    It acts on the pathologies of the liver: lithiasis, hepatitis, cirrhosis, alcoholism, medicines or other drugs addiction, hyper cholesterolemia, hyper lipidemia, atherosclerosis.
    It has a repairing action on hepatic cells following radiotherapy, chemotherapy.
    It calms anxiety, irritability, stress, insomnia.
    It improves sight.
    It offers the necessary vitality to make projects and to accomplish them. 

    How to use it:
    - 1 to 2 coffee spoons a day, preferentially in the morning, diluted in a liquid (water, fruit juice,) or mixed with compote, yoghourt.
    - Wait 15 to 20 minutes before drinking so that the micro-grains of pollen open into the water.
    Pollen should be taken all spring long.
    Pollen may be replaced by Bee Bread: pollen transformed by bees in the hive.

    • Sustaining the energy of the Liver with royal jelly

    The royal jelly tones up the vital energy of the kidneys which are, in TM, the « mother » of the liver.

    The action of the royal jelly has a lot of common points with pollen, on blood, cardio-vascular system, and mood.
    1 cure of 3 weeks

    Thus your liver in spring is in full energetic form and you may, as, so gently, Chinese tradition says,

    « Stride forward in the morning, hair in the wind »!

    The correct balance of your Liver prepares you also a nice summer, as the liver is the "mother" of heart whose energy must be at maximum in summer.


    If you open your eyes
    here are the irises
    If you reach out your hand
    here are the peonies
    If you spread your hair
    Here are, from fragrance to fragrance
    All the ways of fragrance
    leading to the infinite herbs
    To the fountain
    springing from the tomb

    If you are thirsty yet
    the new garden
    Offers itself to you

    François Cheng
    « Orient All » Gallimard

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