Apitherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Book with DVD: « En Bonne Santé avec les Abeilles, le traitement des pathologies avec les Produits de la Ruche, les plantes et la Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise » (« In Good Health with the Bees, treatment of diseases with Bee Products, Plants and Traditional Chinese Medicine »)
By Dr Stefan Stangaciu and Claudette Raynal-Cartabas
Edition 2015, 368 p., in French
Guy Trédaniel Publisher,
Cost: 29.90 Euros + 6.80 Euros delivery fees



  • Book :
« Guérir avec les abeilles, Apithérapie et Médecine Chinoise (Healing with Bees, Apitherapy and Chinese medicine)».
By Claudette Raynal-Cartabas
New see again and increased 2009 publishing, 190 p., in French
Guy Trédaniel Publisher,
Price : 22 Euros + 5,35€ transport charge

This book, accessible to everyone, will equally enrich the professional practice of des therapists, apitherapists, and acupuncturers.

Summary :
Migraines, repeated colds, exhaustion… ?
For the Chinese, all the illnesses are in relation with our internal organs: liver, lungs, kidneys.
In this book, due to the Chinese Law of the 5 Elements, you may understand the profound links between illness and body.
You shall see the extraordinary and bright correspondence of the products of the hive with this Chinese law.
You shall discover that honey, propolis, pollen, royal jelly and venom, have a privileged action on each of our organs ;
You will learn thus, a simple and natural method to treat yourselves reaching at the source of your troubles and not only at their effects..

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• CD:
« Healing with Bees, Apitherapy and Chinese Medicine »
by Claudette Raynal-Cartabas
Book edition in English, reviewed and enriched in September 2007
Bee Api Association Production
Price: 20 euros + 6€ transport charge

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CD :«  Curacion con abejas »
par Claudette Raynal-Cartabas 
Cd edición en español, abril 2014
Asociación de Producción Bee Api. Costo: 10€ + 6€ gastos de envío.



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